My name is Cy.
I am a nonbinary activist, designer and developer.

My pronouns in English are they/them. In German, Spanish and any other language with binary grammatical gender (he/she) you can just use my name.

Community and values

I am part of, a monthly meetup for nonbinary people. We meet at least once a month, to hang out, exchange, establish networks and support each other. It is a very active community and many other projects were born there. There are times when so many people come that we don't have enough chairs!

I believe that as developers and designers we make decisions that exclude and include people to the environments we create. Privilege works as a blinding force not to see those biases. Intersectionality, diversity, and education are the core part of the solution.

I care about digital privacy, free speech, and innovation in an age where all our data is massively collected and traded.

Work experience

I work as Frontend Engineer and Designer, and I have more than a decade developing websites and progressive web apps. If you are interested in working with me, take a look at my latest my projects, read how we can work together and get in touch.


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