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Work with me

I am an experienced Frontend Engineer and Designer, with more than a decade developing websites, progressive web apps and creative solutions. You can read more about me here.

I am eager to work in teams that are diverse, inclusive, people-oriented, with a vision.


I am based in Berlin, Germany and I work well remotely. I travel with gusto but I am not interested in relocation.

If you would like to work with me, just send me an email.

Areas of work that I’m interested in

  • Crafting beautiful solutions collaboratively

  • Projects or products that help people, that require creative, out of the box thinking, good eye for design and clean code

  • Projects that benefit queer communities, specially trans, inter and nonbinary people.

  • React and its ecosystem


  • Public speaking

  • Teaching / workshops

My role

Things I do very well

  • Work with others, even if we haven't worked together before.

  • Lead a team or simply be part of it; I also work well on my own.

  • Care about healthy group dynamics, make sure people are seen and recognized.

  • See the bigger picture. Find different creative solutions to problems.

  • Work well with deadlines, clear vision and aims. If they are not clear yet, I will make sure they are.

Values that guide my work

People first. No product matters if people don't come first.

Diversity and inclusion are important. Visibility and representation are important. Reflecting on our privileges is important.

I believe that as developers and designers we are making decisions that exclude and include people to the environments we create. Privilege works as a blinding force not to see those biases. Intersectionality, diversity, and education are the core part of the solution.

Learning matters. Organizations, teams, and people greatly benefit from continuously learning, and we can only learn from each other.