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Spot — Website

Early in 2019 the Spot team needed implementing a new version of Spot website.

Design and development packed into 4 weeks, one for each section. The previous website had a plain html page and the new design was very different, so there was not much that we could reuse.

My Role

I built the website using Gatsby (like this site). As the main product App from Spot was built in React, choosing a React based static site generator was the ideal way to maintain and extend a shared component library.

The website consisted in a series of content pages, videos, multiple images and decorative illustrations.

Thanks to Gatsby, the site works 100% without JavaScript, loads very fast, and the client-side JS enhances that experience adding prefetching, seamless transitions and progressively loaded images.

Interesting UI implementations


Animations helped reinforce branding and illustrated how the user interaction with the AI Bot works.

Animation storyboard

Price Calculator

We implemented a handy Price Calculator that would give precise information of pricing plans depending on a series of factor. Depending on the amount of employees, the pricing plans would dinamically change and offer the right contact buttons.

Spot pricing feature

The Result

We shipped the website on-time, and greatly improved the site overall speed, SEO and accessibility. The dynamic pricing calculator brought new clients. Existing clients loved the site & traffic increased notably. 🎉

Team composition

San Francisco, USA <> Berlin, DE

Micah Rivera